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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a gluten free certified facility?
    No, we bake wholesome breads that are made from freshly milled organic whole grains, including wheat.

  • Are you a nut free facility?
    Yes, we are nut free.

  • How should I store my breads?
    Keep in a cool place out of direct sunlight. We do not use preservatives or added chemicals so for extended storage, keep in freezer (do not refrigerate, bread will dry out).  The bread is packaged for excellent freezer storage.

  • Can I freeze the bread?
    Yes, the bread is packaged in a bag that is suited for freezing.  The bread freezes very well and can easily be stored for a month or more.

  • What is spelt?
    Spelt is an ancient grain that can often be tolerated by people with wheat and gluten sensitivities.  Though spelt has some gluten, it does not contain the amino acid gliadin.

  • What is Ezekiel bread?
    Ezekiel Bread is a bread that is made from a combination of wheat, spelt, barley, millet, lentils, and beans.  The mixture is ground into flour just before making the dough.  The idea is taken from the Bible in Ezekiel 4:9 and the combination of grains and beans make this a highly nutritious bread with a complete protein content.

  • Are you a retail store?
    Not at this time, but our products can be ordered on line and shipped.    You can also find all of our products at The Bread Beckers’ retail store at 305 Bell Park Dr. Woodstock, GA and in many WholeFood stores in the southeastern United States.

  • What makes your bread different from the whole grain bread I can buy in the store?
    We grind all of our flour the day we make the bread and do not sift or separate the flour in any way.  Commercially milled flour separates the bran and germ portion in the milling process and then recombines them according to a legal standard to make whole grain flour.  We also add no extra gluten to our products. Most whole grain products in the store (even those labeled 100% whole grain) have added gluten which drastically alters the fiber to flour ratio.

  • Is your bread enriched?
    No.  It is unnecessary to enrich our flour. All of the nutrients remain in our flour because we grind it fresh and do not sift the bran and germ portions away.  It actually had a higher nutritional value that enriched flour.

  • Are you the same company as The Bread Beckers?
    We are a separate business. Brad and Sue Becker and Jim Carpenter are the owners of The Bread Beckers. Brad and Sue Becker own Real Bread Company with some of their older children.

  • How many Calories are in your bread?
    You can view nutritional info for our bread here.